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The La Tomatina, Valencia, Tomato Festival Spain.

The famous tomato fight of Buñol takes place on the last Wednesday of August each year, thousands of young revellers enjoy this battle of Tomatoes. 

It all started in 1945 when a group of bored youngsters interfered with a passing parade, which ended in a vegetable fight. The following year the youngsters decided to repeat battle, which then became history...

The event is now huge and in order to help control the Battle, the town hall have made a few rules for the benefit and enjoyment of all...

Rules of the La Tomatina Tomato Festival in Buñol, Valencia

1.Do not carry bottles or hard objects, they can cause accidents and hurt your fellow battlers

2.Do not break T-shirts or throw them around

3.Please crush the tomatoes before you launch them, the blow will be less painful

4.Keep a safe distance with the trucks

5.Stop throwing tomatoes when you hear the second shot

La Tomatina is great fun and here are some tips on how to enjoy it even more:

1.We recommend trainers or a good shoe that is well tied, also that you are not too fond of! Flips Flops can be very easily lost!

2.Wear old clothes you no longer want or need, the stains will be almost impossible to get out and could even get ripped.

3.Swimming goggles are a great help. The acid in the tomatoes, although great for the skin, can sting your eyes a lot.

4.A waterproof camera is your best bet, don´t risk it with a normal camera.

5.Don´t try to get a better view by scaling railings, poles etc, you will become a sitting target!

6.Plan your accommodation well in advance, check out the online booking above.

7.Slippery Pole - a pole covered in soap has a leg of ham placed at the top, anyone capable of climbing the pole and grabbing the ham is welcome to keep it!

8.It is great fun and a great release to throw tomatoes for an hour - Enjoy yourself.





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